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With this valuable resource, you can turn your incoming data into whatever you like, without the hassle of complicated formulas. 😉

Inside, you'll find detailed explanations with real-life examples, along with copy and paste ready formulas. Our cheat sheets cover:

  • General Functions
    Access basic functions that allow you to manipulate data in various ways.
  • Math Functions
    Perform calculations with ease, including statistical analysis and advanced mathematical operations.
  • Text & Binary Functions
    Manipulate text and binary data using a wide range of functions, including conversion, comparison, and formatting functions.
  • Date & Time Functions
    Work with dates and times to make them more manageable for your needs.
  • Array Functions
    Manipulate arrays to better organize and filter data.

Our cheat sheets are designed to be your must-have reference, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you need without getting stuck. With this valuable resource, you can streamline your automation processes and increase your efficiency.

Don't let complicated formulas and data manipulation hold you back.

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