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Probably the most engaging, inspiring, and helpful group of people who create automation for their client’s or themselves.

What's Inside Our Exclusive Community?

Better Together Community

Ask any question you're facing and get quick and detailed support from us or fellow automation masters.

Custom Apps Access

Get unlimited access to our growing library of custom integrations and modules developed for you on demand and included in the membership fee!*

*Third party costs might apply depending on what  service you're using.

Virtual Co-Working Space

Say hello to our Virtual Co-Working Space! It's a special place on the internet where you can learn, share ideas, and make new friends. 

Twice a month, we have 'office hours' - special times when our team is ready to help you with any tough questions. 
Stuck on a task? 
Need a spark for your thoughts? 
Or just want to chat about cool ideas? 

We're here for you! 
In our Virtual Co-Working Space, everyone's a friend and no question is too hard. 

So, come on in and let's learn together!

Live Q&A and Review with Manuel

Get ready for Live Q&A and Review sessions every two weeks with Manuel (officially certified Make Trainer). His eyes and his brain on your scenarios, bugs and use-cases.Sharing insights and feedback based on his experience what you could optimize.

Do you have some private questions that are better asked in a 1-on-1 session? We got you!

We offer regular slots to book private sessions and get your questions answered. 

You can always reach out to us if you have something urgent for a quick 1-on-1 as well. 

Expert Shares

We got a unique advantage. We have the collective wisdom of tons of automation wizards that solve problems daily.

See what others are saying ...

"What do I like most? I liked the fact that there's more than you. That other people were coming onto the discussion and filling in and creating stuff. So there was a feeling of community as a result of that. It wasn't just you teaching us, there were other people involved in it. So there was this feeling of community that you're all focused on the same thing.”

Joss Rowlands

“You know, your stuff. The fact that when I got stuck a few times, I was able to post, for me, it's also like a resource, where if I'm stuck and can't figure something out, I have you in the community to ask questions. So it's more than just what I learned. It's having access to that kind of support that makes it worthwhile too.”

Karina Mikhli

“I think it was very valuable to have the community, although I didn't post many things, but I do think it's a valuable thing to have together with the course. And also the Q and A, besides having all the questions answered, I think it's also really valuable to see what other people are stuck on. And it's not always something that you can use right away, but it can make you think of other options that you can use yourself.I think it's a good way to get people together about the topic. So you can help each other when you know something. There's always someone who is one step ahead. You can learn from each other.”

Marieke Jansen


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