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ReservationKit – 5 Steps to your own chatbot reservation system

If you haven’t watched our webinar yet, please do so below ?
Otherwise you can skip this part and go directly to the instructions.

ReservationKit – Webinar Replay

Let’s get into the set up process. ?
There are a few requirements that should be available in order to set this up but no worries. We’ll do it together ?

You can also chat with my bot for an assisted setup ?


1.) ManyChat

You’ll need a Manychat Pro account so you can make dynamic/external requests. You’ll then want to install this free Manychat template that contains flows that communicate with the Dialogflow Intents using Janis and the Google Sheet template using Integromat.

2.) Google Sheets

Make a copy of the Google Sheet template. Your bot will read and write from the Google Sheet and you can manage your reservations from the Google Sheet. You’ll see instructions in the Google Sheet as well in the first tab.

3.) Dialogflow

You’ll want to use Dialogflow for AI so you can understand the messages users receive when they want to make a reservation. Your bot can understand natural language like “Can I make a reservation for Friday at 8pm” and you can capture the values from those messages and store them in Custom User Fields. To understand more how the Dialogflow Reservation Intents work, watch this video. If you have more questions, join the Janis Community on Facebook.

  • You can get a free AI agent from Dialogflow and connect that to Manychat using in a few simple steps. Add the free AI Starter Kit, or you can choose the custom integration option if you like.
  • You’ll want to download this zip file for the Restaurant Reservation intents and install them to your Dialogflow account. In Dialogflow, click the ⚙ icon next to your Dialogflow agent name, click the import/export tab and then choose IMPORT. You’ll want to drag the ZIP file from your desktop and type in the word Import to add the Dialogflow Intents.

4.) Integromat

This is what you’ll use to connect Manychat to the Google Sheet and do all the backend logic.


Integromat Blueprints:

  • Open your Integromat Dashboard
  • Click Create a new scenario at the top right
  • Click Skip at the top right
  • Click the 3 dots button at the bottom (next to the airplane)
  • Select Import Blueprint
  • Choose the .json file of the scenario you want to import
  • Go into each module and select the connection and your “Reservations Template” Google Sheet

Repeat this 3 times for all 3 scenarios (you can choose either basic or advanced version if you want to).

Here are the Integromat Docs on how to create the connection with ManyChat.
? Integromat Docs for ManyChat Connection


In the Scenario “ReservationKit – Clear Yesterday’s Reservation Data” you have to insert the Google Sheet ID in the second module which you find in the browser bar:

ManyChat Template Customization

The template is customizable. Make sure the interval between the times is set in your ManyChat Bot field (Janis-reservation-interval).

Go through the days in your Google Sheet at the “Template” tab, edit the tables, or rooms you have available in your restaurant and change the times at the top (header row).

Aftwards, copy and paste the whole template content to the other days so you don’t have to tweak it 7 times. ?

The structure needs to stay the same or it won’t work:

T h:mm am/pm
T 5:00 pm
T 10:00 am

Furthermore, set the open hour bot fields in ManyChat as well:

  • Janis-reservation-earliest (e.g. 2:00pm)
  • Janis-reservation-latest (e.g. 11:00pm)
  • Janis-reservation-interval (in minutes e.g. 30)
  • Janis-reservation-integromat (Yes)

One last thing would be to change the date format you want to use for the customer facing reservation confirmation:

  • Janis_reservation_date_time_format

Please refer to this date/time formatting guide for the correct format.

If you want to use the word “at” for example, put a in front of the a so it gets rendered as a letter.

Set Up Complete

Congratualations! ?

You’ve successfully set up the free ReservationKit Template and got a fully working reservation system in place now. ?