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The Reality

The boom of AI and ChatGPT
Impending recession and economic uncertainty

The Impact ...

Humans are getting laid off, automated robots are replacing them.

The Good News ...

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a trillion-dollar industry in its infancy:


According to research by Salesforce, companies are increasingly willing to pay for automation services.
The demand for automation will continue to increase at breakneck speed.
Acquiring the skill of building automation will position you to
Generate high-income 
Cut thousands of
man-hours for your clients
Be in a Blue Ocean Territory
Possess a highly-demanded skill
Save thousands of dollars for your clients
Work anywhere and anytime you want

The results of my students:

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Who Am I & Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Manuel Gick, and I’m one of the pioneers in the Automation Space. I’ve been building Automations as early as 2016.

Through a 7-year journey of running an Automation Agency, I’ve achieved these results for myself:

Manuel Gick

Digital Experience Strategist | CEO
Helped my clients save over 150,000 man-hours.
Protected my clients from more than 5,376 human errors.
Enabled my clients to save over 6,250 days.
Empowered my clients to run highly efficient lean teams.
My clients willing to pay me $6,000 to $8,000 for certain automation projects.
I've constantly been raising my hourly rate for 1:1 consultations from $75 in 2017 to $200 in 2023.
I’ve won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry – The Official, Make Trainer Badge and Integromat Tech Education Award.

 Become a Highly-Paid Automation Consultant Like Myself

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What Type of Automations Should You Build?

Focus on “ROI-Driven Automations” i.e.
Save a crazy number of man-hours.
Help to generate leads or revenue.
The best part is…

A complete beginner can start from zero and become a highly-paid automation consultant in 90 days.
Look at one of my biggest success stories, Michael.

Michael hit me up after he snapped an automation deal worth $5,000.

In 2020, Michael pivoted from running a gym business to doing marketing automation after learning from me.

Michael had zero experience with automation, engineering or programming.
As much as I want you to see the possibilities of making it as a high-income automation consultant, these are the realistic expectations.
This isn’t:
a get-rich-quick scheme.
a business opportunity course. (Sure, you can make money with this – but you’ve got to be good at your craft).
one of those make-money-online programs you see on Youtube where you can copy-and-paste and make bank.
You’ve got to:
put in the time and effort.
be competent at building Automation.
be competent at marketing your business.
be competent in pitching your services
be competent at client management
be competent at understanding your client’s tech stack and working with them.
Now, here’s the truth...

You Can’t Become Competent Overnight.

(Because it’s a niche skill set, and that’s why you’re being paid so much).

The good news is today :

You can shortcut your learning curve by learning from me – so you can get good in half or 1⁄4 of the time it’d usually take you to be competent.
Yes! I want to be an Automation Consultant.
Introducing ....

Make Simplified Accelerator

Drawing from my 7-year experience as a multi-six-figure-a-year Automation Consultant, I’ll show you the A-to-Zs of building automations and all the way to how to package your services and sell them.
Due of my innovative teaching methods, I’m the FIRST trainer to be awarded The Official Make Trainer Badge – one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.
In our academy, you will learn the art and science of creating more time (Either for yourself or your clients).

We’ll hold you by the hand and show you step-by-step through a 12-week curriculum.

This process is the 5-Step Time Creation Path.
It’s perfectly designed to help you identify pockets of time that you can recover through automation. Master it and watch your schedule free up!

What You’ll Learn:

Build Your Base

● The underlying concepts of Automation and Make.

● What Scenarios, Triggers, and Modules are. 

● My favorite use cases/scenarios and how they help my clients save precious time.

This basic level of MSA helps you learn automation the fastest way possible.

Grow Your Connections

● Setting Aggregators, Air table, Parsing, Iterator, and Slack Integrations.  

● How to automate the entire Google Stack – from Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Sheets.
● How to integrate the Google Stack, you become precious, as that is what 95% of business owners are using now.  

● Save valuable time by automating the maneuvering of different tools, such as the parsing of data from Google Calendar to Google Sheets, etc. 

● What automation clients are willing to pay for.  

● Different ideas on using automation in your day-to-day business processes (E.g., Email Automation, Prospecting, Lead Qualifying, and Customer Support).

Break Your Limits

● How to save thousands of operations while creating highly functional automation.  

● Learn functions such as - Math, Text, Binary, Date & Time, and Arrays.  

● Learn exciting concepts like API, Troubleshooting, and REGEX. (REGEX has been extremely helpful for me so far in Email Automation – it allows us to find whatever we want in a text string and then extract the information, which is helpful in every scenario we build.)

● How to work with APIs is a MUST if you want to create more modules across different apps or software.

Troubleshoot Your Bugs
(Solving Problems)

● How to process errors and troubleshoot incomplete execution.  

● The invaluable skill of debugging connections for your clients (verify, reauthorize, create a new connection, etc.). 

● How to troubleshoot your integrations is vital as that separates an automation amateur from the automation pros.

This helps a lot when your clients request you to solve integration error – they’ll marvel at your expertise if you could diagnose the problem in their tech stack.

Sell Your Services
(Business Skills)

● How to conduct high-value discovery calls for your prospects to uncover their business problems. 

● How to package and pitch your services so clients will pay thousands for your expertise. 

● How to create eye-boggling proposals to make your leads drool and hand their wallets to you

When You Join Make Simplified Accelerator, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Make Automation University (12 Weeks Curriculum)
Over 14 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building automations from the fundamentals all the way to advanced integrations.
Custom Business Trainings for Automation Consultants
You’ll also get custom training built specifically for Automation Consultants - such as how to package, position and price your services.
Exclusive Community
for Automation Consultants
Share your victories, get your questions answered and network with fellow automators in the private community.

Your Investment Today:

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We're so confident in the transformative potential of the Make Simplified Accelerator that we're offering you a full 30-day, risk-free trial period*. This means you can explore the course and experience its benefits firsthand, without any pressure.

*Please note that this guarantee applies if you've accessed 20% or less of the course content, considering there are valuable downloadable elements included.

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Honest, Unfiltered Ask-Me-Anything (AMA)

1. Why are you teaching it if you’re making a good living from running an automation consultancy?

I’ve been an automation consultant since 2016 (~7 years now), and I think I’ve plenty of experience to help this industry.

Furthermore, teaching it helps me improve my craft at building automation.

The best part?

Teaching automation has helped some of my clients transform their lives.

Many of my clients have become automation consultants after learning the craft.

2. Should I get this program without experience coding or building stuff?

If you truly want to learn automation, do not let the fear of technology stop you.

Case in point:
Earlier, I shared how Mike closed a $5,000 Automation deal with a client.
He had no coding background. He wasn’t an engineer by training. (He deals with Fitness and Gyms). He wasn’t even a college graduate.

So if you’re asking me, “Can you learn Automation if you have zero technical knowledge?”
… My answer is YES.

The caveat is you have to be willing to understand Automation concepts AND get your hands dirty. Because these things don’t automate themselves. These webhooks, routers, and functions aren’t gonna fix themselves.
It needs work. And you can’t be technophobic.

If you’re hungry to learn automation and are willing to consistently put in the work I can’t see why this wouldn’t work for you.

3. Is the Process of Learning Automation Tough?

90% of the people I know give up halfway because they encounter a problem… and back off.  
They tried Googling or going on Youtube to find possible solutions. Still, they gave up after realizing that most of these videos or articles weren’t helpful.

This isn’t really their fault too.

When I was new to Automation, this was a phase I was very familiar with. Unfortunately, I had no one else to go to because I was among the first to enter this industry. As a result, I had to spend over 10,000 hours learning the skill of building automations.

However, you don’t have to go through the same painful process I did.
You can leverage my experience by learning from me. You can get good in way less of the time I had to spend.

You must have a mentor you go to whenever you are lost or have any questions. This mentor doesn’t have to be me. But from experience, learning Automation is far easier if you have someone to coach you.

4. Why is Make Simplified Accelerator so expensive?

If you find our course expensive, this program probably isn’t for you. Here’s why MSA is worth it:

Firstly, Automation is a high-income skill - it gives you the super power to solve a problem that’s in high demand, the lack of time.

Secondly, we have invested tens of thousands of dollars to build MSA.

This is hands down the best Automation Course in the market right now. It covers the A-to-Zs of building Profitable Automations in a step-by-step manner.

Thirdly, we have a community of automation consultants that you can network with.

In fact, you could get back your program fee from a single client.

We plan to raise our prices, and this is the last time you can probably get in for cheap (Below $1,000).

This is currently the most underpriced automation program in the market.

5. Who is Make Simplified Accelerator NOT For?

MSA is not for you if you’re not willing to work to be great at building automation.

It requires commitment, effort, and a readiness to learn. It's not suitable for those seeking quick, effortless success. For a clearer idea of what's required to succeed in the MSA, click here.

6. What’s the MSA Curriculum?
7. What should I do if I run into issues learning Automation? How should I seek help?

You can ask your questions in the Techflow Community and you’d get a detailed response within 24 hours with regards to your problem.

We have a highly curated list of administrators and experts in the group so as to ensure that responses are high quality.

If you still have issues, you can come for my Weekly Private AMA where you can ask me anything over a LIVE call and I’ll address it on the spot to clear your doubts.

8. Do you offer Parity Pricing if we live in a developing part of the world?

Yes. I only do Parity Pricing on an application basis.

If you’re living in a less developed part of the world (India, Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria or Zimbabwe) and you truly want to learn automation.

Write in to with your proof of residence.

I can do a Parity Pricing quote for you.

9. How is the content delivered?

The MSA content is delivered primarily through pre-recorded videos. This format enables you to study the material at your own pace, allowing you to pause, revisit, and absorb the information according to your needs.

To enhance your learning journey and ensure a thorough grasp of the material, the MSA course structure follows a progressive learning model. This means that subsequent content will become accessible to you only after you complete certain requirements, like participating in hands-on exercises, working in the homeworks and passing quizzes relevant to the current lessons. We find that this approach is the best way to gain a solid foundational understanding that's critical when dealing with more advanced topics in the subsequent lessons.

In addition to these pre-recorded sessions, we supplement your learning with live Q&A sessions and office hours. These provide you with opportunities to interact directly with our experts, clarify your doubts, ask questions, and delve deeper into specific aspects of automation.

We're confident that this mix of self-paced learning, progressive structure, and interactive sessions offers an effective and engaging approach to mastering the high-value skill of automation.

10. How does the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Work?

If you're not happy with your purchase, you have the right for a full refund of your money within 30 days of purchase. Contact us if you want to get a refund through email or messenger. Our refund policy is pretty reasonable... just let us know the reason why you’re unhappy and proof that you’ve taken action on what you’ve learnt. That said, we will not issue refunds to folks who don’t take action.

Note: This is only eligible if you've gone through 20% or less content of the course as there are downloadable elements in there.