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Why Learn Automation from Manuel:

Now before I share about my courses…

In case if you haven’t seen the About Us page and you’re not too sure who I am…
you might be wondering why you should be learning automation from me.

Here’s why…

First off, I’m a licensed Expert+ Make (formerly Integromat) and official Make Trainer. This means I have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the brightest and most talented engineers at these companies. I get to attend their events (and parties) where I get a ton of first-hand updates from the founding team. Bodyguard Robot

How you can learn:

Make Simplified Accelerator

Flagship Course to master Automation fast!

How we can help you

Ultimate RegEx Bootcamp

Discover the magic of RegEx in this engaging 3-part bootcamp, designed to transform you into a pattern-matching ninja and automation wizard. 

How we can help you

1-on-1 Consultation

For intermediate and advanced Make users seeking highly specialized support from Manuel directly.

How we can help you Preview of YouTube video "Who Am I"

YouTube Channel

It’s free and it’s super helpful so be sure to dive in.

How we can help you
Officially certified Trainer and Coach - Manuel Gick from

This gives me the advantage over other Make (formerly Integromat) gurus because I know how the future of automation will play out and what sort of processes people would be willing to pay for.

Secondly, I have been doing automation since 2016.

I spend the bulk of my time creating automation (not teaching) so you can be assured I’m reasonably competent at what I teach.

Don’t worry. I’m no armchair automator.

Thirdly, I want to give back to the automation ecosystem.

I’d be honest… the automation market is virtually unheard of.

Case in point: Not many people know about Zapier, Make (formerly Integromat) or Workato.

Chances are you haven’t heard of any of these unless you run an online business.

If you’re in… you’re early.

I built my first automation 7 years back where there was very little support and the documentation wasn’t as good as it is today.

That said, I found it incredibly fun and life-changing (Which is why I’m still doing it today).

And this is why I want to help the next generation of automation consultants.

I just wanna pay it forward.

Because if you’re reading this, chances are you’re once like me… searching for automation resources all over. Not knowing which to trust.

If you’re really interested in automation, I’d like to invite you to check out the resources on this page.

It’ll definitely shorten your learning curve of Make (formerly Integromat) Automation.

Happy Automating,
Manuel Gick Robot appearing from the side.
If you’re ready to commit and study Automation… then I’ve prepared the following courses for you.

Make (formerly Integromat) Functions Cheat Sheet

Step-by-step guide which walks you through the different Integromat functions.

(This is perfect if you’re already using Integromat to build scenarios and you’d like to familiarize yourself with functions. Having a deeper understanding of functions can help you build better automations and save you money.)

Download Now! Integromat Functions Cheat Sheet

- Open Now! -

The Make Simplified Accelerator

The only implementation program of its kind that not only gives you the clarity and confidence to build and troubleshoot automation for your or your client's business, but also how to sell your skills with high profits.

It's the best Make (formerly Integromat) course you'll find anywhere.

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Automation Program Waitlist
(Opening soon!!)

Our flagship proven Make (formerly Integromat) program is designed to take a clueless newbie to a proficient automation consultant. (This is perfect if you’d like to learn automation to pick up a new job or start a side business. Or if you’re a business owner looking to make your life easier by streamlining your operations.)

We’ll first cover the basics like Scenarios, Routers and Triggers. Then we’ll move on to complex stuff like Webhooks, Parsing and Mapping. Lastly, you will learn higher-level concepts like APIs, Aggregators and REGEX.

We’ll also show you our favorite automation use-cases we use to help our clients save precious time.

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Introducing the

Ultimate RegEx Bootcamp

Speed Up Your Regular Expressions Masterywith expert Manuel Gick

Discover the magic of RegEx in this engaging 3-part bootcamp, designed to transform you into a pattern-matching ninja and automation wizard. 

Transform your workflow as you dive into:

🚀 Part 1: Unlocking RegEx Secrets
Grasp the fundamentals of pattern matching.
🚀 Part 2: Unleashing RegEx Potential
Master advanced techniques like a ninja.
🚀 Part 3: Powering Up Automation Workflows 
Combine Make (formerly Integromat) and RegEx for ultimate efficiency.

Join us to experience the mesmerizing power of RegEx firsthand, and master the art of efficiently manipulating data like never before!

Join Now!

Make (formerly Integromat) 1-on-1 Session
(For intermediate and advanced Make users)

Private Make (formerly Integromat) Mentoring

If you’re looking for 1-on-1 Make (formerly Integromat) coaching/mentoring where you’d like me to look over your shoulder and analyze every scenario and flow you build… then this is for you.

This is absolutely for you if you don’t want to be searching for something in an online course or dig endlessly on Google.

You want straight, to-the-point, zero-fluff guidance on what works.

You want to learn from someone who has built countless automations to accelerate your learning.

Schedule a call with me and I’ll find out how I can help you.

Book Now! Make 1-on-1 support session at high level.

Check them out. You won’t regret it.

If you haven’t checked out my free content on my
Youtube Channel, I’d like to invite you to check it out here. Preview of YouTube video "Who Am I"

I share some of the most helpful Make (formerly Integromat) automation concepts here.

It’s free and it’s super helpful so be sure to dive in.

And hit the “subscribe” if you find it valuable so you get the latest updates whenever I post a new video.

How to Find Processes to Automate eBook

Are you burning out from the 4 Biggest Time-Wasting Tasks in your business?

This FREE guide will help you and your clients to find out what your biggest time wasters are that you could automate right now to free up your time and enjoy work again.

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