About Us

Techflow.ai is a time-producing company focused on providing the best automation possible for any business.  

We specialize in integrations, complex logics, consulting, and sharing our expertise, to make sure you can finally focus on what truly matters.

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Who We Are

Our mission is to be time producers and add hours back to your day.

We know people are losing precious time having too many tasks to do.

That leads to too much stress which causes relationships to break, serious health issues like burnouts and anxiety or even death. 

We believe automation is our gift of time everyone needs because it has the power to produce large quantities of work in minimal time.

We identify bottlenecks and repetitive tasks in people's workflows and automate them, so they can finally focus on what truly matters.

That way people gain wealth, develop good relationships and experience personal growth.

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Meet Our Founder

Manuel Gick is THE go-to guy when it comes to learning no-code automation.
He loves to share his knowledge he acquired over the years of working with no-code automation almost daily and to help others.

Manuel has a BSc in Mechanical and Process Engineering from TU Darmstadt in Germany and started building his first business in 2015.

In December 2021 he won the Tech Education Award at the Integromat (now Make) Conference for having the best education program to learn no-code automation with Integromat (now Make).

In his free time he enjoys quality time with his little daughter, loves to go kitesurfing and plays the Cajón.

Manuel Gick - Founder of Techflow.ai

Our Story

It started out with building simple chatbots on a platform just because Manuel thought they’re really cool and it’s fun to talk to them.

Manuel started seeing the potential of solving one major issue a lot of businesses had been facing:
"Overwhelmed Customer Support."
Can you relate to that?

About 80% of the questions that the customer support staff receives are usually the same and therefore, can be automated via a chatbot to relieve the support staff and let them focus on more complex support requests or even on selling more products.
Another advantage compared to phone support is that one support agent can handle multiple chats with a customer but only 1 phone call with a customer at the same time.

Since there are always limitations in every system, we love to break out of these and we were looking for more ways to increase the capabilities of our chatbots.

This evolved quickly into making chatbots actually SMART by integrating AI into the process to let the chatbot understand common ecommerce questions like

"Hey there, where is my order with the shipping number #123456?" and reply accordingly in seconds with the current shipping status of that specific order.

From there automating these repetitive tasks can be applied to any structured operation, especially relating to business processes. And that’s when Manuel had a thought that if he’s having these problems other people might also have them and he needs to help!
(That’s one of his passions - helping others!)

This is how we got into automation and developing all kinds of integration for us and other businesses starting with messenger marketing solutions and evolving into tons of other areas.

Automation nowadays plays a huge role in our business and we try to automate as much as possible.
Let’s say we joined forces with automations. 😉

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Why Us ?

  • More than 141 students helped.
  • More than 150,000 hours created.
  • More than 6,250 days created.
  • More than 5,376 human errors were prevented.

We learn new things every day:

We like learning about things we don't know and are eager to improve our skills.

We develop systems:

We make sure to be efficient and effective at work by developing systems that help everyone to streamline our processes.

We have fun:

We love the tasks we do, support the others' roles and work in harmony.

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