How to Make Multiple Certificates Fast: A Step-by-Step Guide

Automating the creation of multiple certificates can be transformative. Whether it's for events, courses, or employee recognition, generating certificates quickly and dynamically can be a game changer. 

Follow this guide to simplify your certificate-making process.

Creating the Certificate Template

The foundation for automation starts with creating a base template.

1. Designing in Canva

  •   Use Canva to find a template that suits your needs.
  •   Customize it by removing placeholder text and replacing logos and colors as required.
  •   Download the design with high resolution.

2. Setting up in Google Docs

  • Create a new Google Doc and set the page orientation to Landscape.
  • Insert the downloaded image as the background for the certificate.
  • Adjust its position to cover the entire page.

Adding Dynamic Fields

Once the template is ready, add dynamic fields that will later be populated with data:

1. Inserting Dynamic Text

  •  Insert fields like the recipient's name using double curly braces, e.g., `{{name}}`.
  •  Style the text by adjusting the font and size to fit the design.
  •  Add additional fields for the date, event name, and signature if necessary.

2. Aligning and Positioning

  • Ensure the text is centered and aligned for consistency.
  • Add tables to better organize content and ensure proper alignment.

Automating Certificate Generation

To automate certificate generation, you'll need to set up a system that can read data and populate the template dynamically.

1. Creating a Data Source

  • Use Google Sheets to create a database of certificate data.
  • Include columns for participant name, date, coach, and email.

2. Setting up Automation in

  • Connect the Google Sheets to
  • Create a workflow that reads data from the sheet and uses it to fill the template in Google Docs.

3.Generating the Certificates

  • Using, create certificates by filling in the template with data.
  • Export the generated certificates as PDFs.

Distributing Certificates

Once certificates are generated, automate the distribution:

1. Storing the Certificates

  • Save the generated certificates in Google Drive for easy access and sharing.

2. Emailing the Certificates

  • Automate email distribution using Gmail or another email service.
  • Attach the PDF certificates to the email and personalize the message for each recipient.

3. Cleaning Up

  • Delete any temporary files used during the automation to keep the workspace clean.

Automating the creation of certificates can save time and ensure consistency. By following this guide, you can easily generate multiple certificates fast using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and

Make sure to personalize each certificate with dynamic data and enjoy the efficiency that comes with automation.

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