How to Decrease Lead Cycle with Marketing Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation are two advanced tools that allow current marketers to automate and enhance marketing activations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation are two advanced tools that allow current marketers to automate and enhance marketing activations.

In the same way, marketing communication has a great value for K12 leaders and organizations and even more with automated marketing. Engaging with said stakeholders, business partners, colleagues, and customers is an essential part of building a strong organization. Automation makes your marketing job easier, as it allows you to distribute information efficiently and on a large scale.

Artificial intelligence news advises the advantages of employing marketing automation software in the K12 world. Plus, we’ll look into specific types of marketing emails that you can automate to make your job easier.

Why Marketing Automation Makes Sense 

It's great if you had an assistant who handles the tasks and ins and outs of your marketing campaigns. A marketing automation platform can do just that! Also, has powerful tools to help you push the right content goes to the right people at the right time. Also, it will help you get better online data reports afterward.

Automating a marketing funnel generates leads and converts prospects. Moreover, as a result, it helps you decrease work hours and efficiently reach out to contacts that are more valuable. Some direct benefits of a marketing automation tool include the ability to segment your contact lists. This will consequently help you quickly send out messages to target customers without a lot of work on the backend. At the same time, you can pre-schedule sales funnel campaigns. This should be aligned to specific projects, products, services, or times of the year.

You may not tap marketing agencies but you can still meet your company’s marketing needs. Why? Through cost-effective marketing automation systems. The outcome is productivity without the cost or time load. And your marketing team can anticipate mundane tasks out of the way. They'll end up focusing more on the strategic and creative tasks that are more effective.

Kinds of Emails you should definitely Automate

You can do unlimited tasks with a marketing automation platform. Here's an idea of where automation can boost your marketing tactics, here are four types of emails that are vital. Send this your external and internal customers in your organization:

Welcome Emails to New Employee 

Being new in an organization is a daunting experience. You can send out emails to new employees, stakeholders, and business partners. on what they can expect to happen within the organization. As a result, it makes their work-life easier and will help them adapt to company policies and the environment. 

You may your email automation platform to set up an email or a series of emails, that cover topics like:

Since it can all be automated, then you should write these emails once. In addition, you may effortlessly send it out as necessary to additional incoming new employees, with a bit of personalization as desired.

Welcome Emails to New Stakeholders

Not just new employees can have difficulties adapting to a news organization. Sending an automated welcome email to new stakeholders to provide more information about the company. You can more specific information concerning the stockholder's investment easily. It will be a great way to get them acquainted with the top management and help them feel more involved.

Some topics you can discuss includes: 

Use these emails as a way to get stakeholders informed and make them more involved. Let them know that you’re here for them as they make the transition.

Prospect Customer Drip Campaigns

One good way to put a marketing automation tool is to use it as a device for engaging. Further, effectively engage with potential new customers (B2C), and business partners and alliances (B2B). 

Prospective customers fill up a form on your website and subscribe to your newsletters, and this shows interest in some other fundamental way. And you should use marketing automation in order to add them to a sales funnel campaign. These emails will offer them significant information over time. You can send an invitation for corporate events, webinars, and a company visit, whatever makes the most sense at the time.

Doing this in a sales campaign set-up is mainly valuable as it offers target customers time to get more familiar with your institution and seriously consider enrollment. As a result, it will help keep your company top of mind as they continue with their search.


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