Case Study: Backend Optimization - A Journey to Smoother Operations


A family-owned business renowned for its quality products and dedicated service has been elevating customer experience in its sector for years. 

The company was founded by a professional and a business analyst, who have nurtured a community focused on creativity, excellence, and authenticity. However, with an increase in business activities and data, they faced challenges in managing their inventory efficiently.

The Challenge

The company relied on Google Sheets to manage its growing data, but as operations expanded, this system became inadequate. With over 30,000 orders and a complex web of formulas, their data management tool became slow and difficult to navigate, leading to delays and a higher potential for errors. The constant recalculations hampered access to critical data, preventing the team from focusing on customer satisfaction and business growth.

The Solution

To streamline data management and maintain a competitive edge, the company partnered with Techflow.AI to address these issues, aiming to:

  • Significantly reduce loading and navigation times.
  • Improve efficiency in handling large datasets.
  • Enhance accuracy and reliability through robust backend solutions.

Techflow.AI tackled the challenges by migrating data processing from Google Sheets to a more capable backend system that would pre-process data before sending it back to the sheet.

Implementation Details

  1. Data Audit: A thorough examination of the existing Google Sheet was conducted to identify critical functions and dependencies.
  2. Workflow Design: Automation flows mirroring the Google Sheets logic were designed using
  3. Backend Integration: The new backend logic was implemented and tested to ensure seamless operation.
  4. Transition to Make: Moving formula calculations from Google Sheets to significantly reduced processing loads, creating a smoother workflow.
  5. Automated Customer Tagging: An automated system was developed to tag new customers and update the Order Master List automatically.
  6. Data Validation: A comparison of data outcomes between the old and new systems ensured accuracy.
  7. Training and Transition: The operational team was trained to manage the simplified Google Sheet and interpret the backend system’s outputs.

The Outcome

The automation solution transformed the company's inventory management into a streamlined process. Processing times decreased from 30 minutes to 3 minutes per order, eliminating manual data entry.

Key outcomes included:

  • Significantly faster load times and smoother Google Sheet navigation.
  • Enhanced data handling for scalability without performance loss.
  • Quicker access to real-time data, boosting decision-making and productivity.

The integration of backend logic through allowed the company to focus more on its core mission. This case study demonstrates the transformative power of backend solutions in eCommerce data management, positioning the company for continued growth and success.

The Bottomline:

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