Case Study: Enhancing Team Communication Through Automated Notification Systems


This case study explores the implementation of an automated system designed to enhance team communication by notifying the marketing department upon the completion of an order. The project focused on integrating existing tools and platforms to streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency.


The primary challenge was the need for timely and accurate notifications to the marketing team when an order was completed, allowing for prompt action on marketing activities. This requirement stemmed from the absence of an efficient process to inform the marketing team about order finalizations, which previously led to delays in subsequent marketing actions.


The solution involved the use of an existing customer management software, LexOffice, integrated with Make (formerly Integromat) for automation, and Gmail for communication. The automated system was designed to send an email to the marketing team containing details of completed orders, formatted in a specific HTML structure to include essential information such as customer number, customer name, and order number.

Process Description

1. Webhook Initialization: Using the API capabilities of LexOffice, a webhook was created to trigger notifications every time a delivery bill was generated.

2. Data Capture and Logging: The triggered webhook captured the delivery note details and logged them into a datastore managed by Make.

3. Notification Mechanism: A daily process was established to send formatted emails to the marketing team at a predefined time each morning, ensuring that the team received timely updates about the completed orders.


The implementation of this automated notification system resulted in a more streamlined communication flow within the organization. The marketing team began receiving timely updates about order completions, enabling them to act quickly and more effectively in their subsequent marketing efforts.


This project highlights the importance of integrating automation and existing tools to enhance internal communication and operational efficiency. By leveraging APIs and automation platforms, the organization was able to solve a critical communication bottleneck, thereby enhancing overall productivity and team coordination. This case study serves as an example of how thoughtful integration of technology can address specific business challenges effectively.

Technologies and Tools Used

  • LexOffice: Used for managing customer and order details.
  • Make (Webhooks & Datastore): Utilized for creating automated workflows and storing transaction details.
  • Gmail: Enabled the automated dispatch of informational emails to the marketing team.

The Bottomline:

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