Creating an Automated Sales & Customer Service Representative for a Tourism Giant

Jurassic Adventures*

One of the biggest National Travel Agencies

Problem: Sales Inquiries

Jurassic Adventures* struggles with large volumes of sales inquiries. 

Because they run a huge tour agency, there is a lot of going back and forth with their customers to confirm tour dates, tour size and also price. 

During the holiday season, they can get up to 1,000 sales inquiries a day, which is overwhelming for the sales team.

Our Custom Solution for Jurassic Adventures*: Ultimate Flow Chatbot Booster + AIR Chatbot Data Analytics

Jurassic Adventures* came to us because they were having a hard time scaling their sales process.

The more sales inquiries they had, the more exhausting it was for their sales team. 

After our automation audit with Jurassic Adventures*, we identified that the best way to resolve their problem would be to create an AI-infused Chatbot. 

A chatbot that’s fully integrated with Jurassic Adventures*’s tour booking system. 

This allows customers to choose the specific attractions they want, and they can book tours and weddings freely on the app.

The chatbot is also able to answer customer inquiries in the form of automated FAQs. 

It can also handle booking cancellations too, on its own. 

Jurassic Adventures* also got us to build a Data Analytics dashboard, so they can track relevant data from the chatbot. 

Details like:

What tours are the most popular?

When do they get the most inquiries?

What are the most popular timings?

What is the interaction time with each customer per inquiry? 

What are customers searching for?

Having an AI-infused chatbot with Data Analytics function helps them to get relevant data to make better business decisions. 


Increasing price of a particular tour because it’s popular.

Or opening more time slots in a particular period of the day because they get more visits than usual.

The Bottomline:

Jurassic Adventures* can now deal with increased customer inquiries much better than before.

Moreover, they do not need to hire more people for sales or customer support, which helps them to save more money in the long run.

This helps Jurassic Adventures* to scale its business much more effectively without the need to build a bigger team.

Also, they enjoy the luxury of having more data at their fingertips.

Data, if analyzed, can help them maximize their conversions and profits.

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