Eliminating Data Entry with Make (formerly Integromat) Automation


Small Business selling Art & Craft Equipment

Problem: Data entry and recording.

ZenArt was storing 30,000 orders on a Google Sheet, and it was taking far too long for them to retrieve it.

They were using Google Sheets formulas, which were convenient, but it takes a long time to process when there are too many data sets.

It takes approximately ~3-5 minutes to load each time they open the file.

This is extremely time-consuming for them to do data-logging - a necessary task but one that doesn’t drive the business forward.

Our Custom Solution for ZenArt: (GoT Automation Program)

Based on the automation audit we did with ZenArt, we crafted a Process Map to solve 2 problems:

1. The slow processing speed of Google Sheets.

2. The need for manual data entry.

Instead of using Google Sheets, we switched to Integromat for all the formula calculations, which made the entire data-entry process much faster.

Also, we created Integrations such that the data would be automatically added into the Integromat database whenever ZenArt receives a new order.

This way, there won’t be a need to enter the data manually.

One key part of the Integration looks like this:

To put it simply, this Automation searches the customer's name in the database, if there’s an existing name, it adds to the order list of that particular customer.

If there isn’t an existing name, this means ZenArt has a new customer and his or her data is added into the database along with their order details.

The Bottomline:

What we effectively did for ZenArt was that we completely automated their data entry workflow.

And what would usually take them ~3-5 minutes per customer order would now not require them to do any work at all.

The work gets done without them having to do it. (That’s the whole point isn’t it?)

Neither do they need to hire someone else to help them out with bookkeeping.

To put things into perspective, let’s say if ZenArt has 30 orders daily… This would mean that they need to spend up to an hour a day playing around with Google Sheets.

If they have more than ~50 orders, then they would have to spend at least 2-3 hours a day on data entry.

Which is ridiculously inefficient.

Yet, now with Automation, they can get everything done without having to do it themselves or hire someone else to do it.

Once ZenArt experienced how powerful Integromat is, there is no going back.

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