Creating an Automated Sales Rep for a Car Moving Company


Helping a client create automated quotation based on their customer input

Problem: Sales enquiries and customer service.

Similar to Jurrasic Adventures*, NationalCarMovers wanted to automate their sales process so they can scale their business easily.

Before they hired us to build a custom chatbot, they were handling all their sales manually - via a sales team which was highly inefficient.

Our Custom Solution for NationalCarMovers: Ultimate Flow Chatbot Booster

We created a simple chatbot for customers to get their quote based on their location, destination and the type of car they have.

This automated workflow allows NationalCarMovers to get the necessary data they need from their customers without having to ask manually. 

With relevant information like traveling distance and car weight, the Chatbot can even automatically generate a quote for their customers without the help of their sales team. 

With the relevant information at hand, the sales team at NationalCarMovers can then focus on fetching the right quotations for their customers.

The Bottomline:

With a built-in custom chatbot, NationalCarMovers can scale their business without having to expand their sales team.

More importantly, they don’t have to pick up endless phone calls from their customers asking about their car moving service. (Because now the entire customer service is done through a bot.

This way, they can deal with a high volume of sales enquiries with lower manpower and effort.

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