Simplifying the workflow for an 8-figure Supplements company

Vitamin Mart*

Problem: Running Amazon Rebate Campaigns is too much hassle.

Vitamin Mart* intends to give a one-time rebate whenever someone buys an X or Y number of products. 

The traditional way of getting a rebate is through virtual customer service. 

However, this method is inefficient, and it’s difficult to scale because as orders increase, the number of rebates requested will increase. And this will increase the workload of their customer support staff.

Our Custom Solution for Vitamin Mart*: Customized Automated System

After understanding the entire needs and problems of Vitamin Mart*, we created a complex automated system to support the entire Amazon Rebate Campaign. 

The system is complex as we integrated a lot of different tools together

- Facebook Messenger - This is the platform where Vitamin Mart*’s customers reach out to them

- Make (formerly Integromat) - Allows us to create data integration between different apps.

- ManyChat - This is the software that allows us to create a Chatbot which is basically like our automated support staff.

- Amazon - This is Vitamin Mart*’s eCommerce platform where their customers buy and sell supplements.

- Google Sheets - Data logging of people who have redeemed the rebate and those who haven’t (We don’t want a case of someone redeeming the rebate a few times).

- and Twilio - Allow OTP SMS Verification system to ensure everyone redeems only once.

- Email Spam Filters - To block off scammers and ensure that Vitamin Mart* does not get exploited.

- PayPal API - Ensures an automated payout via the PayPal Payments API. 

Some of the scenarios we’ve built:‍

1. SMS Verification which only allows the correct number from Germany +49:

2. Email Spam Filter to block off Scammers:

3. Creating an automated PayPal Payout and sending data back to the Chatbot:

The Bottomline:

Vitamin Mart* now has an automated and scalable chatbot designed to support their Amazon Rebate Campaigns.

The Chatbot has helped generate more than 4000 Sales in 7 months.

More importantly, their products are ranking a lot better and receive a lot of good reviews.

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